28 Ways to Reduce Farm Feed Shrink

Reduce Shrink and Save Money

Yes, there are many ways to reduce shrink and you are likely aware of all these ways.  But, if you were to take these points and see if you or your employees are doing them, how well would you do?  Do you ever check to see that these are being successfully completed and not just when they are a problem.  Working with ranchers, dairy farmers, vet’s and nutritionists this list has been developed.  It’s not exhaustive but does provide an excellent list to begin.  Shrink reduction starts in the field and we start with harvesting, then move on to receiving/setup, storage, mixing and feeding.


Below is a basic checklist you can use to reviewing your harvesting, handling, storage, mixing, feeding and bunker management. This checklist can help reduce feed shrink and increase profits


  • Plan when and what is needed for harvesting
  • Blades are sharp
  • Equipment systems (auger) operate efficiently
  • Optimal equipment settings for product

Receiving /Setup

  • Invoice verification
  • Scale accuracy / verification
  • Dry Matter testing
  • Storage location planning and setup


  • Water drainage
  • Pest control (birds, rodents, bugs etc.)
  • Face management
  • Safety!


  • Selecting correct feed
  • Right mixer for right feed
  • Develop mixing protocol
  • Proper batch size
  • Equipment scales accuracy / verification


  • Equipment calibrated for dispensing feed
  • Proper timing
  • Sample to assure proper mixing
  • Cleanup procedures


  • Accurate input measures
  • Flat surface
  • Single side feeding
  • Proper cleaning & maintenance

You are encouraged to print or copy this list and use it as a basic checklist.  See how well you are doing and if you continue using the checklist awareness will increase and shrink decrease.

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