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T.H.O.R. Feed:  Precise, Fast and Easy To Use


Mitigate risk, build trust while saving time and money


Gilbert, AZ, September 11, 2016– ThroughPoint Solutions, Inc. announced today their mobile app T.H.O.R. is being modified and used for Farm Feed Inventory.

Working with veterinarians and farmers, shrink reduction and loss have been identified as a significant financial and health risk for farms.  Average farms may lose over $10,000 per year due to feed shrink.

Add the time spent determining what is on hand and when to purchase and the loss is significantly more each year.

ThroughPoint, using the existing T.H.O.R. (Threat, Hazard and Operational Risk) technology will be expanded and solutions develop allowing farmers and banks financial and time savings while building trust.

““T.H.O.R is an excellent platform and will be perfect.  Farmers, bankers and farm workers almost all have smartphones now.  This will allow a farmer to have all their food in the palm of your hand.  It’s amazingly powerful.  The dynamic dashboard, instantly generated reports, and report sharing will save hundreds of hours and millions of dollars” said Thor Thomsen, CEO of ThroughPoint Solutions.

T.H.O.R.’s proprietary system will allow the feed inventory solution development within the year.

About ThroughPoint Solutions, Inc.

T.H.O.R. (Threat, Hazzard and Operational Risk) is a risk based platform promoting safety, security and mitigating risks.  ThroughPoint’s system taps into over 27 years of career safety, security and counterterrorism, helping people identify and mitigate risk and build trust.  ThroughPoint Solutions is based in Gilbert, AZ and was founded in 2014.  Learn more about ThroughPoint Solutions, Inc. at www.throughpoint.net

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If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Thor Thomsen at +1 920.915.2192 or email at thor@throughpoint.net.

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